Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis by Hodgin Co

Portfolio and Investment Analyst, Real-Estate Consulting, Exchanging, Educational Forums, Formula strategist.



Investment and Real-Estate Analyst & Consulting Firm. We offer portfolio advice and strategies to "Up your basis" and loss prevention. There are thousands of formulas we implement through high demands of Life Estate, Exchanging and Asset Growth. Our Instructors and Consultants educate strategies that are creative, effective, innovative mentorship through group forums and seminars.


General Information -

Monthly Seminars and Lunch Seminars provided locally, Nationally and International. We provide one on one Coaching, One hour consultation is required. We have a forum for elite members that attend our seminars and or our coaching programs. An innovative group supporting one another once you know what formula and strategy you will want to implement. We offer books with all basic formulas and strategies or to our advanced clients for all real-estate and business deals. We have one-six days seminars/courses we cater to your specific or wide knowledge interest.


Motto- "To meet your investment needs not to confuse you with ours".