About Me

About Sonia Hodgin

I was born in Denver Colorado and raised in Tucson AZ. I have a total of 18 years experience as a real-estate investor. I have a large diversity background that is not limited in today's economy both financially & Real-estate. I work with investors both national & international of all levels (10,000 dollar portfolio to 24 million dollars). I also teach seminars Hodgin 300, and provide training one on one transactions to see their way through the end. After all, it's all about upping your basis & the win-win. I am an investor of properties for short term to long term projects. I take great pride in any ventures and strive in continued education to guide clients, employees (team) and my family. I am intrigued by technology and Eco knowledge driven by science and culture. I previously designed for 16 years both residential & commercial. My goal is to continue growing my portfolio to achieve personal goals and life experience and awareness for continued professional success to achieve not only mine but your long term goals. My education varies in creative and technology; software design, interior designer & coaching investments.

I have a son who is 21 years old, through my parenting involved in 20 years of community involvement. We continue to assist in the community and support all organizations nationally, locally and Internationally. I have been part of boy scouts of America 9 years; 5 years in cub scouting, and reached wood badge training (highest adult training in boy scouts) I also taught 4 years of adult leadership. I have been involved in the catholic dioceses 9 years total.

Portfolio and Investment Analyst, Real-Estate Consulting, Exchanging, Educational Forums, Formula strategist.

Investment and Real-Estate Analyst & Consulting Firm. We offer portfolio advice and strategies to "Up your basis" and loss prevention. There are thousands of formulas we implement through high demands of Life Estate, Exchanging and Asset Growth. Our Instructors and Consultants educate strategies that are creative, effective, innovative mentorship through group forums and seminars.


General Information

Monthly Seminars and Lunch Seminars provided locally, Nationally and International. We provide one on one Coaching, One hour consultation is required. We have a forum for elite members that attend our seminars and or our coaching programs. An innovative group supporting one another once you know what formula and strategy you will want to implement. We offer books with all basic formulas and strategies or to our advanced clients for all real-estate and business deals. We have one-six days seminars/courses we cater to your specific or wide knowledge interest.



"To meet your investment needs not to confuse you with ours"

I have strength in negotiation; research & can identify value of all real estate levels. Designing, structure, infrastructure & business values of upcoming business interest to achieve your business growth. Strong Sales, Negotiations, Seller Carry Back, Flip, Double Closing, national exchanger & Business awareness.